Title: Deliverance

Hoping for an alternate reality, that it could at least be bought

She knew that it had to be done but could not imagine doing it,

The path forward was more darker than lit.

“How do I do this? What do I say?”

“I hope it’s not bad, I hope and I pray”

The road has forked and she must now choose,

Does he swing to happiness or continue to the blues.

She chose the latter, after considering the way

“How am I going to deliver my voice on this day?”

It was all too real, all too deep,

Her head was heavy, so was her feet.

After an awkward hello and a broken hug,

She looked him in the eyes and then began to shrug.

“I can’t anymore; I’ve fallen so hard, I passed through the ground”

“Thoughts of you makes me happy because you’re not around”

That’s how it started, yet brutal was it’s end,

No amount of care could bring this blow to mend.

She reached in to his chest and ripped out his beating heart,

He looked at her knowing, there would be no a second start.


I wrote this a fair few weeks ago – I was reading through some of the things I’ve been writing over the last few months and thought I’d post this since it’s ‘Throwback Thursday’. It doesn’t really relate to anyone but I guess it could also relate to anyone.

Go forth in peace.


Mind The Matter

Zodiac-Art-6As I transitioned from one age to the next, I never understood that my mind was becoming more and more strategic in the art of understanding, whether it was people, warfare, art, the world, et cetera… The more I moved forward, the more I sat back and observed.

Cultivating a mind that objectively understands is no easy task and I can say that I have achieved this but I do want to be objective and I do want to be understanding however, It is extremely hard to bite your tongue when all you want to do in that moment is unleash a beast that the world has never imagined. Continue reading

The struggle with good wishes

RoadI’ve always struggled with many things after adolescence, just like everyone else in this world (yes, that’s how I’m starting this blog). I think it would be an ignorant thing to think, that no one ever struggles or only struggles with one thing in their life. Struggles have varied as I grew through the years but there are a very few that I manage in the background, that are constant, one of them being praise or compliments. Continue reading

Never Back Down

highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury
mental suffering or distress.

cause pain or injury to.
be detrimental to
The other day I was talking to a friend and he asked me, “why does it seem like you harness pain or the feeling of hurt, instead of dispelling it?” The question caught me completely off guard because it was not something or the general dialogue we exchanged nor was I feeling some form of strong pain or hurt at the time. I smiled lightly and then took a few seconds to try and compose and answer…

Continue reading

Thank You For Breaking Up With Me

For the last two months I’ve been writing a lot and this is one of the more reflective writings that I would like to share with you about a painful experience but in retrospect, a defining experience.
So dear reader, please allow me to lay it out for y’all so that your mind, may play it out – ya feel me.

The year was 2005, I was eagerly expecting her arrival. The excitement level was beyond anything you can imagine, I just couldn’t wait to hold her again, see her again, talk to her face to face, be with her again! I had managed to secure a quaint and humble little flat in Brixton. The fridge was stocked, the floors were clean, electricity topped up and everything in it’s allocated place. The last 6 – 8 weeks was a dance of back & forth with a multitude of delays, one after the other but finally, she was on a flight and was landing shortly. I waited at the arrivals gate, anticipation oozing out of my tear ducts and then I saw her, it was like time stood still and all that existed, was her. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z3 FAIL

I was super excited to get my hands on the Sony Xperia Z3 and when I got mine on Monday (November 24th, 2014) I was in a state of ‘abysmal happiness’. I was trying to use as much of the processing power and taking as many pics and videos as possible as the camera has got some really decent improvements. Up until today (Thursday November 27th 2014), I was extremely happy with my phone.

Then the unthinkable happened! Continue reading

The Intention versus The Action

redeyedlionGrowing up, I never gave much thought to intention and how my actions will define great parts of who I am or become. It was just words that the elders would say now and again but if it was not fun, then I was not giving it any ear-time. I was a selfish and very temperamental person, fuelled by anger and driven by validation from others. This memory of myself inspires me to constantly improve the broken vision of myself. Continue reading